The Green Herring, Gold Creek

4 Oct

I don’t know much about Green Herring except that it’s quaint, it has a solid menu, and that it’s somewhere in Gold Creek. The only place I have a vague idea where it is is the aviary, so on this Friday evening it takes me a little time to find the car park attached to the very rustic cottage – The Slab Hut built in the 1860 – in which Green Herring resides. (It turns out it’s just behind George Harcourt, but you could have fooled me at the time in the dark – it’s really not very well lit!)

It’s one of the chillier Canberra nights so I’m pleasantly surprised to learn that Green Herring has a large fireplace – and that we’re sitting right near it. We order a cob loaf with dukkah, butter and balsamic ($5) because we’re STARVING and it arrives warm and cut.

The entrees arrive quickly: I’ve been on a bit of a pork belly kick but this – the special, served with sweet pear – is fine and tasty but the crackling has been lifted off, set separately and the fat hasn’t set through to make it truly sumptuous.

There are two themes at Green Herring: the distracting floral, plasticky tablecloths and the constant enquiries about what we think, whether everything is okay. It’s friendly but not a passing thought for the service: purposely trips are made to our table at each point to ask what we think. In a land of ordering at the counter and confident presentations, it’s welcome but becomes trying three courses in.

Green beans and honey cashews

The beetroot ravioli is bright and bold with a shirt-staining (no, this didn’t happen!) beetroot and balsamic gel served with mint and goat’s cheese ($30). It’s enormously filling, sweet and starchy.

Having gone from starving to overindulged, we’re uncertain about dessert but it’s quite honestly just all so very tempting – which leads to a more difficult decision of what to choose. Fortunately for us there’s the Green Herring Special ($32) – a selection of four desserts for two people. I expect this to be quite pitiful but instead it’s extremely generous and a genuine offering of each of the honey pots (creme caramel with honey compote), lime tart with toasted meringue, caramel mint parfait with chocolate ice cream and a cherry and chocolate cheesecake. These are all delicious, and convince me to meet with the lime tart again.

If that’s not enough, on presentation of our bill we’re offered a small takeaway box of house-made chocolates. Our Entertainment Book voucher is handled without issue.

I like the Green Herring for its good servings, value for money and a menu that’s no fuss but still shines with effort – and one for the back of my mind for future family dinners.

Date: Friday, 25 September 2015

Where: O’Hanlon Cr, Nicholls (Gold Creek – near George Harcourt!)

Value for money: High (the price of wine per bottle is very good)

Worthwhile factor: Worthwhile

Want more? Check out their website.


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