Cafe 2617, Belconnen

2 Aug

Belconnen Town Centre’s Urban Roast has undergone a revamp: the ownership hasn’t changed and the cafe is still bright and roomy, but there’s a new, streamlined menu and the shouting to the kitchen and back has thankfully stopped. The outfit seems calmer and more organised. The lunch menu has completely gone – replaced with blackboard menus which change every three or four days to allow the kitchen to take advantage of what’s fresh and seasonal and be more creative. And, of course, the name has changed.

We pick order our meals at the counter from better designed menus on the tables which include cheap light options like mushrooms or eggs on toast ($8) and a range of bread choices. The ‘traditional’ breakfast items include a burrito wrap, a ‘2617 Open Toastie’ (bacon, potato, tomato and cheese) (both $12.90) and a vego breakfast ($16.90). The menu could use a formatter and the inconsistent capitalisation is distracting rather than endearing but it’s an improvement on the past.

The cafe is packed by the time we leave

My chocolate milkshake ($6) is creamy and fluffy.

Vego breakfast ($16.90)

Boyfriend’s vego breakfast includes two well-cooked poached eggs which have brought with them some of the water from the pot, making the toast a little soggy. The asparagus tastes and looks like it’s from a can, but otherwise it’s a very balanced, well-presented dish.

And my dish? The best way I can sum it up is the breakfast equivalent of Patissez’s freakshakes. I’m not really sure what I’m thinking when I order smoked salmon ($2.50 extra to the $12.90) as a complement to the Hash Brown stack, which already came with my choice of bacon, chorizo, spinach or vegies (I chose chorizo). Nor do I expect there to be three hash browns with layers of chorizo between them – or for the two poached eggs to be perfectly stacked and for lava-like hollandaise to erupt from the top. But that’s what I get. And it looks amazing.

Of course, I have to check that the poached eggs have been cooked perfectly and they don’t disappoint.

As for the taste? It’s great. Among the layers is plenty of chorizo slices and while the hollandaise looks plentiful, it’s light and tasty, and doesn’t compromise the rest of dish’s flavours. Again, the eggs have come with a bit of their cooking water and so a few mouthfuls of the otherwise crispy hash browns are wet but it’s an easy fix.

The cafe fills up in the time we’re there – hopefully a sign of things to come (particularly if they keep producing dishes like the hash brown stack!).

Date: Saturday, 1 August

Where: Lathlain Street, Belconnen Town Centre (across from the Community Health Centre)

Cost: $49.50 for a coffee, a milkshake and two breakfasts

Value for money: High – most dishes are under $15 with big servings

Worthwhile factor: Worthwhile

Want more? There’s little available online about Cafe 2617 – a visit is your best bet!

One Response to “Cafe 2617, Belconnen”

  1. dave jansen February 14, 2016 at 10:25 am #

    since the new ownership 3 weeks ago the menu and atmostphere has turned to shit
    for 2 years i found it the best plase for sunday brunch, today i orded french toast with bacon with extras of mushroom, scrambled eggs and chrizo

    i got banana bread tosted with a small piece of bacon stuck in a jar.

    when i told the waiter that it was not what i ordered the cook came out to confirm, he could not understand the order or what french toast was ( it has been on the menu for some time)

    apparently there is a new menu at the printers the selection has been reduced to 1 big breakfast and nothing else.

    this is the third strike for them and i will not return ( the previous owner built up a great little cafe, with variety and atmostmosphere – that is dead.

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