Grease Monkey, Braddon

20 Jul

Grease Monkey opened a little while back and my interest was piqued when people started declaring them the best burgers ever. Better than Brodburger? Well, maybe not. But equally as good.

That still makes them more than worth the trip to Braddon to try them out!

The space is a lot bigger than I imagine, with a large outdoor and indoor area – in fact, the little entrance in the outdoor area poses a more obvious entrance than the actual thick black-rimmed glass doors and we’re initially confused.

Inside, the kitchen’s in the back corner, and a large bar separates the indoor and outdoor areas, with a glass panel displaying drinks specials, cocktails, wine and what’s available on tap.

Dining options are booths against the walls or high tables in the middle of the floor. Despite the large space, at the high table we’re continually bumped by staff and customers alike as they spin to look for seats to serve or sit at.

I’ve really come to appreciate simple menus and Grease Monkey does this well: six burgers to choose from, including a cheeseburger (the Greasy), a double cheeseburger (Double Deluxe), burger with the lot (Full Service), vego (the Nimbin), chicken burger (Dirty Bird) and pulled pork burger (Pitt Stop). All the burgers come with chips and start at $15. Extras and sauces range between $1 (for things like egg and cheese) to $3.50 for Pialligo Estate bacon.

And there are some clever paintings on the wall if you want to get an idea of what you’re ordering looks like:

Our burgers arrive to our condiment-laden table in baskets in paper (saves the washing up I guess!). I’m surprised how small they are – while not quite the width of a Big Mac, they’re also a long way from the size of a Brod.

My pulled-pork Pitt Stop with apple cider slaw and habanero mayo is truly delicious. The buns are sweet and marshmallow-soft and crumple in with any pressure applied without falling apart. In fact, I think I appreciate how compact the burgers become: they are truly designed to be eaten with your hands and not pulled apart with knife and fork just to get them to fit in your mouth.

The pork is moreish and full of flavour, given depth by the mayo. My only complaint is that while it doesn’t fall apart, it’s sloppy. Bits of pork slip out of the burger thanks to all the juices which are otherwise running down my wrist. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of napkins.

I’ve seen other reviews complain the chips aren’t well seasoned, but ours are perfectly fine, and plentiful. (But the sauce on the table doesn’t go astray.)

Boyfriend’s Nimbin burger with a fat portobello mushroom is equally tasty, and less prone to coating his arms! Its big features are the Greasy’s sauce and some melty cheese.

You see what I mean about the buns, right?

At $15-17, the burgers are more expensive than Brodburger’s and smaller, but the wait is quicker and the flavour is comparable. I think it’s worthwhile. So, without further ado:

Date: Saturday, 4 July 2015

Where: 19 Lonsdale Street Braddon

Cost: $30 for two burgers + extra for drinks

Value for money: Reasonable

Worthwhile factor: Highly worthwhile

Want more? Their Facebook page is your best bet. It’s walk-in only but they do take bookings if you send them a private message on FB.


One Response to “Grease Monkey, Braddon”

  1. THIFB July 20, 2015 at 11:52 pm #

    What I’m keen to know is how it rates on the “Gluten-Free” and “Structural Integrity” score!!! Oh please, won’t someone think of the structural integrity!!!!

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