Cafe Okrich, Kippax

24 Mar

Cafe Okrich comes to me as a recommendation from one of my readers, who frankly isn’t sure about sharing the secret of what she describes as “the best new cafe in Belconnen”. I’m so glad she does!

My Sunday morning starts with a large breakfast at Local Press in Kingston. Local Press’s food is really tasty, but I do wonder how I end up paying close to $30 for breakfast.

Early afternoon I’m peckish again, so we head down the road to Kippax. Next to Kippax Fair at the bottom of the reasonably new apartment blocks (between the Magpies and Aldi) are a large range of new eateries and shops, including Quan’s Kitchen, the Kippax Cake Shop (large cakes are under $30) and Cafe Okrich.

The amateurish font signage makes me a little worried (a la Altitude Cafe) but it’s for nothing. It’s quiet when we arrive, and we order at the counter. There are one-sided menus, as well as specials written up on the glass walls and a blackboard. The menu boasts spicy pastries, kid’s meals, gourmet sandwiches (all bar one under $10) and ice cream, smoothies and coffees (a large will set you back $4.50). We head outside, where there’s ample, colourful – and varied – seating.

Our drinks – Ginger Beer and chocolate milkshake – arrive quickly, with the latter in the now ubiquitous mason jar.

Next is Boyfriend’s spicy chicken roti ($9.40) with onions, cheese and tomato sauce. As a big fan of roti, he declares it delicious.

My sneak peek indicates it’s full and flavoursome!

I’ve ordered the $9.90 “bacon and egg waffles with maple syrup” from the specials menu indoors – essentially taking a gamble. Are the waffles bacon and egg flavoured? If not, what sort of eggs are they?

It turns out to be a large dish with two waffles, lashings of crispy bacon (not burnt, not underdone – crispy! A miracle), two dripping fried eggs and a teetering bowl of sticky maple syrup. I’m sceptical, but it works: I’m always umming and aahing about breakfast dishes because my natural inclination is sweet, and then I’m always swayed away with the thought of bacon or eggs (eggs especially). This dish solves all my problems – and we all know just how well maple syrup and bacon go together. The amount of bacon is bordering on ridiculous and I think I probably would have preferred a choice in how the eggs are cooked (poached please!) but for $9.90? No complaints.

Date: Sunday, 22 March 2015

Where: Hardwick Crescent, Kippax

Cost: $27.90 (two dishes, a milkshake and a ginger beer)

Value for money: High (all dishes are under $13)

Worthwhile factor: Highly worthwhile

Want more?Β  Cafe Okrich is open from early until 4pm, seven days a week. Call them on (02) 6154 8086.


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