La De Da Sunday sesh*

23 Oct

*In The Taratory is a sponsor (non-financial) of La De Da’s Sunday seshes.

I’ve made no secret how big a fan I am of Ha Ha Bar and its upstairs venue La De Da in Belconnen Town Centre. Ever since I first set foot in La De Da I thought it’d be a great place to have a Sunday sesh (for the uninitiated: drinks on a Sunday afternoon), but for a long time its opening hours were restricted Wednesday-Saturday nights. Well, that was the case until one night, deep in the winter blues, Belco bloke James Tew (the mind behind Tweet Canberra and the Social Media Revolution) and I started a small social media lobby for it – and suddenly, it was happening!

What was proposed was even bigger than I expected: not just opening up the venue on Sunday arvos, but launching it with a six week competition for singer-songwriters playing 15 minute sets to be in the running to win a recording contract with local business Studio Sixty-Eight. I love the idea of supporting local, and so the opportunity to be a sponsor of a Belco event run by Canberra locals, showcasing local artists and giving them an opportunity to record a single with a local business was an absolute no-brainer. Plus: Sunday sesh!

It starts with a ‘Smokin Indo’ cocktail – $7 for checking in on Facebook – Hendricks, gin, mint, lime and a big splash of watermelon juice.

There are other drinks, too

The drinks enjoy one of the best views in Canberra

Who over the next six weeks will win the prize to record a single with Studio Sixty-Eight?

The well-stocked bar is ready to roll

The first artist begins at about 3.30 and I’m genuinely impressed. No matter if you’re an amateur or a seasoned performer, it takes guts to perform first and he sets the standard for the afternoon – and for the next few weeks.

I have to leave at 5pm but La De Da does delicious mocktails, and Rob behind the bar whips me up something bright and strawberry.

Such a poser!

I’m impressed by the range of music – and the range of music that artists manage to pack in within their own 15 minute set. Ben Chan absolutely smashes his set and I’m convinced we’ve got a winner on the first day of the six weeks. I want to see Ben play again and again.

Ben Chan impresses the crowd

But then, just after 4, Minh Ha (I think?) blows me away with his impressive repertoire and the sounds he achieves with just one instrument are pretty damn phenomenal. Can he also play every week?

Kayakers in beautiful Lake G

Table of happy!

Packed crowd enjoys the views and the music

By the time I have to pull myself away, Hannah Blackburn’s incredible voice is reaching beyond the walls, stretching out in the car park.

Look, I’m 100 per cent biased but I believe in Belconnen, I believe in the best lake and lake views in Canberra, I believe in one of the best venues in Belconnen (and one that listens to its patrons!) with great drinks, AND there was some serious talent last Sunday. Judging that talent, I both can and can’t believe it can get any better. See you 3pm Sunday?

Date: Sunday, 19 October 2014 – and for the next five Sundays (at least). Single launch part on 30 November!

Where: La De Da, upstairs from Ha Ha Bar, Emu Bank, Belconnen Town Centre (on the same block as Zambrero and Wok It Up)

Want more? Head to the La De Da Facebook page.


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