Wilbur’s Cafe and Bar, Hackett

22 Sep

I’m suffering from ordering envy lately. I agonise over what I’m going to order, and when I do, I regret it – particularly when my dining companion is served up with something that looks particularly scrumptious. Particularly when I’d been considering that menu item for myself. This seems to only be happening to me at breakfast time. Does this ever happen to you?

By all accounts, Wilbur’s at Hackett is one of those suburban gems I’ve been pursuing. I can’t recall a bad word spoken about it, and Urbanspoon agrees. Hackett shops aren’t large by any means, and Wilbur’s takes up a good portion of it, with plenty of outdoor seating in the sun, and a very dark but large inside dining area. We’re greeted as we step inside, and shown to a table outside when we agree we’d prefer the sun, with menus placed before us.

Our friendly waiter announces some of the specials – while her recall is rather good, some dishes have ingredients like, ‘And other really yummy stuff’ – and tells us we can order inside. Boyfriend’s decided in moments that he’s getting the potato rosti special but I find myself in familiar territory: vacillation.

French toast? The waffles special? The potato rosti does sound good. I’m torn, and agree to do the ordering to get a closer look at the special board.

I can see why some of the ingredients were ‘and other really yummy stuff’: the items on the specials board are packed with detail. The waffles are looking mighty tempting, but I think I’m in a savoury mood and at the last minute steer clear.

I feel a little out of place ordering; around me there’s an easy familiarity between the waiters and other customers, but I can’t spot where the drinks menu is and order the only drink I can see advertised (an orange, apple and carrot juice). The friendly waiter who takes my order tells me to help myself to cutlery but I have to come back and ask where she was talking about. This is probably more about me being awkward than any failing on Wilbur’s part, but it’s (somewhat) rare that things aren’t immediately obvious to me.

Back outside, our drinks come out almost immediately, and we’re served our food within five minutes.

Skinny flat white ($4) and apple, carrot and orange juice ($7.50)

The apple, carrot and orange juice is delicious – icy cold with punchy flavours. I could have enjoyed three, I reckon.

Potato rosti ($18.90) with smoked salmon, capsicum/spring onion/tomato salsa, poached eggs, avocado and hollandaise

Boyfriend’s potato rosti is busy: beneath the eggs and generous drizzle of hollandaise is the potato rosti on a bed of tangy mashed avocado, and it’s sprinkled with a light salsa. The eggs are just a touch overdone but it’s no matter, with the plate devoured.

Open omelette ($15.90) with cheese, chorizo, mushroom, basil pesto, rocket, bread and bacon

I too have chosen from the specials board, and it’s the omelette that’s got me. I find myself smacking my lips at the idea of a good dose of hollandaise but try to push all my menu envy out of my mind. The open omelette is enormous, and tasty but the fillings are uneven. One side’s got the chorizo, while I have to search to find the deliciously stringy cheese elsewhere, and then I spot some mushrooms. While I’d prefer every mouthful to be a taste explosion, I can settle for a different taste in each mouthful. The bacon and the bread – while plentiful – lack the effort of the omelette.

Wilbur’s is clearly very popular, and with a range of very tempting menu items from which it’s hard to choose, I think today I’m a victim of my own choices. The quality of the juice – probably the best freshly squeezed I can remember – and appeal of the broader menu will have me back, and its reputation as a venue beyond breakfast has my return-interest piqued.

Date: Saturday, 20 September 2014

Where: Hackett Place, Hackett

Cost: $46.30 for two breakfast dishes, one juice, and one flat white

Value for money: Good

Worthwhile factor: Worthwhile

Want more? Check out their Facebook page.

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