Brod Dogs, Belconnen

5 Jul


You might not know it, but Belco has a lot of cool things. So much so, that other cool things in Canberra are coming to join the existing cool things in Belco. It’s true!


One of these is Brodburger. Well, not quite. But it IS the folks behind Brodburger, and the best part is the notorious red caravan is BACK! It’s been restyled as Brod Dogs. Yup, hot dogs with the same attention to detail as the burgers for which Brod is famous. But how do they taste?

Brod Dogs is located at the top level car park of Westfield Belconnen, parked outside the entrance to Fernwood and Outback Jack’s. The red caravan is, unsurprisingly, distinctive.

Never thought I would see the day!

Never thought I would see the day!

It’s been open for all of half an hour when we arrive, but there’s already a small crowd – which grows. We meet the owners who look to be as excited to be there as I am to see them there.

Closing briefly to expand their menu (can't be disappointed with that)

Closing briefly to expand their menu (can’t be disappointed with that)

On their opening day, every dollar spent is going to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance (and Westfield Belconnen is doing its own charity drive inside the mall). There are just three different types of hot dogs available ranging from $7 to $9, with some toppings extra. Brod Dogs is open today (Saturday), but – I think I’ve got this right – after today they’re closing for a week or so to give them time to properly expand their menu.

Boyfriend makes the first of what I assume will be many orders

Boyfriend makes the first of what I assume will be many orders

The hopeful plan – I assume if they get the right amount of interest/patronage – is to remain parked in exactly this spot, serving hungry people during the day – and at night (til 10pm? Midnight? What do you think would be best?). For those who’ve been bemoaning the loss of the Checkers food van since it ended its run on Chandler Street back in 2010, this is seriously welcome news. Could the Belco Mall car park be the new late night hang out spot? Given the huge amount of residential development in Belco – not to mention the existing large amount of residences in Totterdell Street area and down Emu Ridge – it seems to me there’s a ready market.

I know you want to hear about how they actually taste. Let’s have a look at the menu – which, I have to say, is designed rather beautifully.

New York, Chilli Dog, American Dog with extras ranging between $1-2

New York, Chilli Dog, American Dog with extras ranging between $1-2

Want a closer look?




I’m struck with an inability to decide, but my love of sauerkraut steers me in the right direction: the New Yorker it is – with cheese (total $10). Boyfriend orders the American Dog ($7).

I know the next thing you’re wondering about is whether the wait is as long as was (and still is) for Brodburgers. It’s early days, but it takes just a few minutes to receive our orders (and there are quite a few people before us).

American Dog - smoked frankfurt, tomato relish, diced onions, pickles and American mustard (and tomato sauce)

American Dog – smoked frankfurt, tomato relish, diced onions, pickles and American mustard (and tomato sauce)

What could be inside this parcel?

What could be inside this parcel?



For $1, there’s plenty of beautifully presented extra cheese. The white bread buns are deliciously soft. Oddly – and maybe as a result of my indecision – I think I end up with a hybrid dog – a New Yorker with a good helping of corn relish (normally part of the Chilli Dog). I’ve no complaints – it’s really, really good.

Quite difficult to get in my mouth without getting all over my face - but that's the fun, right?

Quite difficult to get in my mouth without getting all over my face – but that’s the fun, right?

At this stage, there’s no dedicated place to sit down or put down the hot dog, but there’s a large ledge and we’re not the only ones who make use of it. There’s a lot of space to stand around and chat to people, but it’s not sheltered. If the wait times did happen to get longer, I can’t help but think there’s at least plenty in Westfield to keep you occupied.

Happy customer

Happy customer

It’s safe to say I’m excited to see what will happen next – what the hours will look like, what the full menu will have (will there be GF buns?), and just how popular will it become?

I’ll do another review again when it’s a little more settled – stay tuned!

*UPDATE 1* Brod Dogs is BACK this Friday, 18 July from 11am with their expanded menu!


Brod Dogs is back! And, true to form, I headed back there late on Saturday afternoon (a – I was starving and, b – I had seen some images of long lines from the day before!) to check out the expanded selection.

My verdict? Brod Dogs has done a great job in expanding their menu. There’s a vego dog ($8.50) and a vegan option available (!). There are four different types of sausage options (including pork free). The extras have expanded – some for $2 and some for $1 – and include wasabi, aioli, coleslaw, and popcorn cauliflower. For sides, there’s chips done a whole heap of different ways: with fondue cheese & grated cheese ($6.50), with beef chili and grated cheese ($6.50), with beef chili and fondue cheese ($7.50) – endless combinations.

In great news for many of my friends, the sausages are gluten free, and there are gluten free buns available ($1.50 extra).

They’ve kept the chili dog, the American dog, and the New Yorker. BUT what’s in them has changed a little.

The chili dog now has beef chili sauce, corn relish, mayonnaise and gruyere with choice of sausage ($9).

The New Yorker also now has a choice of sausage, and has kept the sauerkraut, corn relish and American mustard (the speck is now ‘triple smoked pork belly’) ($9).

The American has largely stayed the same: pickles, onions, corn relish, ketchup and mustard ($7).

Happy crowd outside the van on a pretty Saturday arvo - click on the pic for the full menu

Happy crowd outside the van on a pretty Saturday arvo – click on the pic for the full menu

The new dogs are Omi Dog (sausage salad with white onion, gruyere and Omi’s secret mayonnaise dressing) for $8.50, Aussie Sizzle (choice of dog on bread with choice of sauces) for $5, the Veggie (popcorn cauliflower and eggplant in fondue cheese sauce, sweet potato and gruyere) for $8.50, BrodDog (choice of dog with bacon, coleslaw, pickles, ketchup, corn relish, sweet potato and gruyere) for $10.50 and a Chili Cheese Dog – basically a chili dog with with the mayo swapped out for fondue cheese sauce ($10.5).

Sadly, the chips aren’t available today – the fryer is going through some teething problems.

Instead, I (just) get the Chili Cheese Dog but ask for the corn relish to be swapped out for something else – I agree to ketchup. There are about two people in front of me and the wait is about 4-5 minutes – it remains to be seen if this is a formula (ie if there are 10 people in front of you expect to wait 20 minutes… I’d be interested to hear of your experience!)!.

Chili cheese dog with ketchup ($10.5)

Chili cheese dog with ketchup ($10.5)

I take my dog home and  can report is travels pretty well in its little cardboard case.

As for the taste? This is big on flavour. There’s plenty of chili beef heaped on, the fondue cheese sauce is luscious and each flavour holds its own against the other. This is a really filling dog and I finish very satisfied.

And yep, on Sunday I somehow find myself back at Brod Dog (how does this keep happening?).

I get the New Yorker again but with some quick consultation with the folks in the van try it this time with a kransky and again swapping the corn relish out for ketchup. Again, it comes stacked with sauerkraut and plenty of ketchup and American mustard.

New Yorker with ketchup

New Yorker with ketchup

My favourite? The chilli cheese! (And I can’t wait for the chips!)

Date: Saturday, 5 July 2014, Saturday, 19 July 2014 and Sunday, 20 July 2014

Where: Westfield Belconnen mall

Cost: $18 for two hot dogs

Value for money: High

Worthwhile factor: Highly worthwhile

Want more? Keep an eye on their Facebook page.


4 Responses to “Brod Dogs, Belconnen”

  1. cbrfoodie July 5, 2014 at 8:00 pm #

    Reblogged this on CBRfoodie and commented:
    Great post from about the new BrodDog van in the Belconnen Mall CarPark . Worth a try. I can attest that the chilli dog tastes terrific 🙂

  2. J. August 27, 2014 at 10:29 pm #

    Tried the pork free sausage on a chilli dog. It was delicious! Had one person in line in front of us. Waited about 15 minutes for our dogs. Chicken sausages take a little longer to cook. People who ordered after us were served before us because they ordered a pork sausage, so the lads were churning the dogs out pretty quickly.


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