Mt Pilot, Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park

22 Apr

On our first day in the Rutherglen region, we’re at Stanton and Killeen (post on that coming soon!) and it’s a little quiet there. Our very obliging host at the cellar door points out plenty of sights on the map – and lets us in on a secret. There’s a mountain right near Beechworth (where we’re staying), and it’s just a few minutes walk from the car park to the top. My kind of walk! (Okay, not always, but I’m all for a positive reward-for-effort ratio!)

The instructions and the map is clear, but first we head down the wrong road, and then we miss the turn off. To be fair, it comes up quite quickly around a corner no matter which direction you’re going in! The road’s unsealed, but it’s decent quality and short.

This is the road you're looking for. This is the sing you're looking for.

This is the road you’re looking for. This is the sign you’re looking for.

Thanks to our false starts, the sun’s setting when we arrive at the car park. It’s just 300 metres to the top, so I keep my thongs on (doable, but not really smart) and we head up the short but steep path which is lined with rocks and foot pads.


The first large granite boulder opens up a view to the east with pretty twilight colours (and gives me a little breather!).


Turning back to the path, we can see the last rays of sunshine, so rush to the top.

Steep but not challenging

Steep but not challenging

Hello sunset!

Hello sunset!

Still catching my breath

Still catching my breath

There’s a fire tower up top, a marker showing what’s which way, and – most importantly – 360 degree views of the region.

Boyfriend and I don’t have many good photos together, and the marker’s just the right height for us to use the self-timer and hope for the bets (read: while I run and try not to trip). (I’m more than a little bit inspired by thegirlhassparke’s recent post on the ultimate selfie.)

I’m very happy with the result!

It's not windy. My hair's like this from making it into position just in time!

It’s not windy. My hair’s like this from making it into position just in time!

I’d love to stay up a little longer – it’s a cracker of a sunset – but we haven’t checked into our accommodation yet and

It’s a great end to our first day in the region. In fact, we like it so much that we agree to start our last morning there, too.

We have big plans for making it up by sunrise, but having been out til past midnight on the Beechworth Ghost Tour (oh yes!), we wake up at 8am… never mind.

We miss the turn-off AGAIN! (It does come up quickly! Take note of the road and sign above!) But soon enough we’re on the road again – and disturbing a few local animals!


Fortunately, it turns out the views are pretty good mid-morning, too.


Fire watch tower

Fire watch tower

We eat a light breakfast of local Milawa blue cheese with multigrain rolls from the Beechworth Bakery… hey, we’re on holiday (just).


Not wanting to miss the opportunity with such a good position for the camera, we try a selfie again.

And… success! Again! (This never happens.)


And yes, I am wearing the same dress and shoes. (Best travelling dress and best dress when you’re planning on overindulging: quick drying and loose fitting! Actually, it’s my favourite all the time dress. I wish I had more. It is on its last legs.)

Narcissism aside, this is a little gem. Great picnic spot. Easy walk (I did it in thongs twice!). Great reward for effort. Perfect spot for taking photos on the self-timer. (Hot tip: turn your self-timer off once you’re done or prepare to be first confused, frustrated, embarrassed or a combination of!)

It’s the perfect way to start and end our stay in Beechworth.

Dates: Thursday, 17 April and Monday, 21 April 2014

Where: Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park, on Old Coach Road (off the Chiltern-Beechworth Road)

Cost: Free

Reward for effort: High

Worthwhile factor: Highly worthwhile

Want more? Here’s a map.


5 Responses to “Mt Pilot, Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park”

  1. Rosemarie April 23, 2014 at 9:27 am #

    Love the pictures of both of you!! The setting is beautiful! I understand the same dress issue all too well!! I do that all the time when I travel … Only fashion fanatics travel with more clothes than required… Travel fanatics travels with less, reusable and easy to wash and dry clothes instead…. Don’t worry your travel readers don’t care that you are in the same dress… They’ll relate 🙂

  2. Rod and Lynda April 23, 2014 at 6:44 pm #

    Did you go to the rock art site at Mt Pilot? There is a painting of a Thylacine there.


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