Grill’d, Belconnen

31 Jan

I don’t know why it’s written with the e replaced with an apostrophe, but I’m willing to overlook it. Even though it’s part of a large chain, plenty of people emphasise that Grill’d makes the best burgers in Canberra.


I got caught up in the Grill’d hype a few years back, but I found their burgers okay, but it’s been a long time since the last bite. I know I was a fan of the ‘Simon Says’ – a chicken burger – but I recall being disappointed with a few dry chicken breasts.

At my friend’s urging, we head to Grill’d on a Saturday lunchtime, and the store in the mall – with inside and outside seating – is packed.

There are menus on the tables, but it’s an order at the counter affair. While the line to the cashier is long, it moves quickly. Remembering my Simon Says experience, I opt this time for a lamb burger: the appropriately named ‘Baa Baa burger’. In addition to Grill’d has a small collection of bottled beers and ciders, and I’m stoked – and surprised – to see Lick Pier ginger beer is available (life changing, I promise). On ordering, there’s a choice between wholemeal and sourdough buns.

Life changing Lick Pier ginger beer (currently available at Dan Murphy's)

Life changing Lick Pier ginger beer (currently available at Dan Murphy’s)

We take our table numbers and find a seat outside.


On the table is a ‘Local Matters’ brochure – every month, Grill’d picks three organisations to divide a set sum of money between; the division of the money is based on how much support each organisation gets from Grill’d’s patrons (by way of a token in a jar).

Local Matters brochure

Local Matters brochure


I’ve no idea how this works because we’re token-less; apparently the tokens aren’t always distributed to patrons. Shame! I think it’s a really cool idea.

Our burgers arrive within a few minutes of one another. My friend gets us cutlery given the size is a little intimidating, particulary with the steak sandwich.

Mega sized steak sandwich

Mega sized steak sandwich

Closer look

Closer look

My lamb burger comes out on a plate the same size as my friend’s steak sandwich, but I’m without chips or dipping sauce, so it looks a wee bit lonely.

Lonely Baa Baa burger

Lonely Baa Baa burger

It also looks a little… bland. I can see the lettuce, some cheese poking out and a smidgen of the herbed mayo, but where’s the tomato, the relish, the avo?

There it is!

There it is!

Not wanting to make a huge mess, the clever cutlery is employed.

Bring it

Bring it

That's more like it

That’s more like it

I’m dubious until I bite into it – and then I’m convinced. This is genuinely a great burger. The lamb pattie is incredibly moist, and the flavours meld well, hitting the taste buds in the right order. I can forgive the presentation because the burger is ‘structurally sound’ – nothing falls out, and (once cut), it’s easy to hold.

I’m not normally a fan of chains, but if every Baa Baa burger is like this, I’ll be back again.

Date: Saturday, 25 January 2014

Where: Grill’d, Westfield Belconnen, Belconnen Town Centre

Cost: $12.90 for one burger without chips or mayo

Worthwhile factor: Highly worthwhile

Want more? Grill’d’s ACT menu, with prices and kilojoule counts, is available online here. Yummy Lummy has also reviewed the new Canberra Centre establishment.



3 Responses to “Grill’d, Belconnen”

  1. Giulia Porro (@loveateverybite) February 1, 2014 at 1:26 pm #

    and did you know they are doing this meatwave thing whereby you get a free burger a week if a certain temperature is hit in canberra?i’ve already had 2 free burgers and beers!!!!!


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    […] tasty – on par with Grill’d’s Baa Baa Burger (which I think is rather good) but with the wings I’ve made a big mistake – I’m […]

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