Sanur’s Balinese Restaurant, Belconnen

11 May

Sanur’s on Emu Bank in Belconnen is a regular haunt for me for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s always packed, with all types of people – a big mish mash of young and old, professional and not, families and couples and friend groups etc. This is always a good sign. Second, the variety of people also lends to a good atmosphere. It’s buzzing but you can hear yourself think – and hear each other talk! Third, it serves a local Canberra wine! A few different types of the Gallagher wine feature on a small but decent (and well priced) wine list. Fourth, the service is quick and friendly. (FINALLY.)

But what about the food?

The food is pretty damn good, too. On our most recent excursion there, we went all out on the starters. The one hiccup in our otherwise fantastic meal was the udang goreng tepung (king prawns deep friend in a coconut batter). The batter had all the texture of coconut, but no flavour – if anything, it was overcooked, and the prawns were rubbery. For $10.90, I wouldn’t get it again.

Rest assured, it got a lot better! We also ordered the sup ayam which had so much flavour in every mouthful (most clear soups I have in restaurants are disappointing), and the dumplings served within it were divine. It was $7.90.

However, the best starter by far was the sate ayam (chicken satay). The chicken is cooked perfectly – moist and tender – and the satay sauce is one of the best I’ve tasted. It came with chilli (sambal) and sticky rice.

Yum chicken sate

For the mains, I had one of the sotos (kind of like a laksa) and got the Sanur’s soto. The staff were very accommodating for my request of soft bean curd instead of fried tofu. It’s a thick soup with prawns and crackers and noodles and a boiled egg on top, with just enough spice and was again full of flavour ($16.90). I’ve never been able to finish a soto – the bowls are HUGE. Boyfriend got the gado gado – mixed vegetables with satay sauce and boiled egg. It probably doesn’t sound very appetising but it tasted good ($14.90).

Deep bowls, boiled egg on top!

Gado gado

We enjoyed it all with a bottle of the Gallagher riesling (very reasonably priced just a few bucks above the cellar door price – we knew because we’d been there a few weeks before!). I read an article recently that most restaurants make the mistake of giving customers a bucket of ice but with no water in it, so the wine bottles sit on top of instead of nestled in the ice and the wine doesn’t get cool. Since reading that, I can’t help but notice it, and this restaurant was no different.

All in all, Sanur’s is a great place for a meal and something a bit different in a friendly atmosphere – I always look forward to going back!

Date: Friday, 4 May 2012

Attendees: T1 and Boyfriend

Cost: $90.50 for two, including three starters, two mains and a bottle of wine

Worthwhile factor: Highly worthwhile

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6 Responses to “Sanur’s Balinese Restaurant, Belconnen”

  1. Gary Lum May 12, 2012 at 7:50 pm #

    Great review. Bron and I have eaten there once before and enjoyed it. You’ve inspired me to want to return. Given its proximity it makes so much sense. 🙂


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