Siren Bar, Gungahlin

17 Oct

Siren Bar and Restaurant opened in Gungahlin this past July and it’d been garnering considerable buzz. So, after dragging Boyfriend out to Bonner to see just how far away it really is, I decided it made sense to have lunch at Siren and see just what everyone was talking about.

It was a bit of a blustery Saturday, so the spacious deck overlooking Anthony Rolfe Avenue was pretty much empty – I can see it being a well-populated place in summer (but could do with a few more plants!). The floor to ceiling doors and windows are parallel to the bar, so you see it first when you walk in. After announcing our intentions for lunch, we were escorted our seats to the left hand side of the room where a large amount of other diners sat – always a good sign, especially on a Sunday of a public holiday.

The menus are just printed double sided on a single sheet of paper. It starts off with a generous and very tempting tapas section with items between $10-14, and then ranges into a wide variety of pizzas ($19) before the mains and burgers (generally between $17 and $25). After a surprisingly long wait for waiter to return, Boyfriend ordered the pumpkin and feta pizza, while I – torn between too many tantalising options – chose the beef burger, won over with the thought of beetroot relish. We both ordered Cokes.

While we waited, I was fooled into thinking the cutlery was dirty until I realised the black speck on my knife was indeed the Siren logo. It’s everywhere – even stylishly patterned onto the back dining wall. The Cokes came out in generous schooner sized glasses – something you rarely see! The pizza was large but the circle shape was cut vertically and horizontally, giving very small pieces and some missing crust. I’ve no complaint – just odd. As for taste, it was superb.

My burger was a little disappointing on flavour. Its contents were a little sloppy and I quite literally had beetroot juice coating my hands by the time I’d finished. The bun was a little dry and I think the entire burger could have been improved with a bun that was a little sweeter. The plate was also decked out with chips, but the burger was so big (and I’d eaten pizza, too) that I ate just a few.

Unfortunately, Boyfriend had been feeling incredibly ill all morning (perhaps he got carsick on the long trip to Bonner?), so barely ate his pizza. We felt terrible that we might be giving the impression that we didn’t like the food. “We’ll have to go back so they know we actually really enjoyed it,” we  told each other.

And so we did. The very next day.

The Monday experience was a little different, but perhaps because it was a public holiday. No waiter this time – instead we were required to order at the counter. I’d been captivated by the pizza from the previous day, so knew I’d been getting pizza, but found myself again torn – smoked salmon, or marguerita? I hoped for half and half, but alas – they didn’t have any salmon left. I settled for marguerita – I was a little disappointed with the taste, but still polished it off. Boyfriend this time had an impressive nachos dish. It had just the right balance of the elements to do nachos well – enough sour cream, enough guacamole, enough cheese, enough beans, enough salsa and not too many chips – and was presented cleverly.

I ordered a Monteith’s Crushed Apple Cider which they have on tap – was extremely happy about that. I was also terribly tempted by the cocktails – just $14, but in large classes, and a great selection available – but that’ll have to wait til next time.

As a lunch venue, I’d definitely rate Siren. The food and drinks are well priced – even leaning towards the cheap side –  the serving sizes are adequate, and the food is above average. I think even Gungahlin-haters would find something to like, and that’s saying a lot.

We might be back this weekend… I just have to make sure I don’t keep suffering such huge food envy the next time!

Attendees: T1 + boyfriend

Cost: about $45 each time for two people, including one drink each

Worthwhile factor: Highly worthwhile

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